A woman-owned, client-centered estate planning, special needs planning, and probate firm located in San Diego, California.  
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At Mance Law PC, you will find a genuine, humble, empathetic advisor and confidant who can assist you with all of your estate planning, trust, and probate needs.  Attorney Michelle Mance is easy to speak with and will make sure that you understand the ins and outs of your estate plan or your loved one’s probate matter every step of the way.  Michelle has an “open-door” policy with her clients and welcomes dialogue and questions so that everyone is always on the same page with their matter.  She has worked extensively with individuals, families, and estates with varying asset values from moderate means to high net-worth and loves helping her clients develop a unique estate plan that meets all their planning goals.  


At Mance Law PC, we do things differently.  Through the use of fixed fees for estate planning and advance technology to keep your matter moving efficiently and smoothly, you will have a different experience than you will find anywhere else.  We recognize the needs of our clients are changing so we are challenging the status quo to meet those changes.  Our goal is to make legal services accessible and convenient.  We are a virtual office so we can collaborate in a variety of ways, which allows you to obtain legal solutions on your terms.  


The process of estate planning or probate can be intimidating and overwhelming.  Often, these areas of law bring up feelings that people do not want to face.  We are here to assist you in facing these feelings head on with an immense amount of compassion and a fair amount of humor to make what could be a daunting process, a little easier.    


When you come to Mance Law, you will feel like you are talking about these very sensitive topics with a friend - a friend who has years of experience handling legal issues just like yours.  If you are ready to work with an attorney with whom you can speak candidly and who puts your needs first, please contact Mance Law PC today for an appointment.  

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